PACT Program to Deliver Extensive Improvements for Nearly 500 Residents at Campos Plaza II with $122.6 Million Renovation

Campos Plaza II, NYCHA PACT

NEW YORKThe New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) today announced that capital repairs totaling $122.6 million will be addressed for the nearly 500 residents of Campos Plaza II in Manhattan’s East Village through the Permanent Affordability Commitment Together (PACT) program. Campos Plaza II resident leadership has worked closely with NYCHA for several years to determine the best way to execute much-needed repairs and renovations for the development’s 224 units, and have selected BFC Partners, L+M Development Partners, Type A Projects, and C+C Apartment Management as the partner team. BFC Partners and L+M Development Partners are also the development partners responsible for the rehabilitation of Campos Plaza I, as part of a 2014 project called Triborough Preservation. C+C Management, which currently manages Campos Plaza I, will be responsible for the management of both developments when Campos Plaza II transitions to Project-Based Section 8 in 2025. 

Over the coming months, the PACT partners will work with NYCHA and Campos Plaza II residents to schedule inspections and building studies, while regular resident meetings will continue to help finalize investment priorities for the campus. In the coming months, a social services provider will be added as the partner team continues assessing the unique needs of Campos Plaza II residents. Construction is slated to begin in 2025 after the partner team and residents finalize plans for the community investments, which will be memorialized in a community plan.    

“This is a historic investment for the residents of Campos Plaza II that will enable the modernization of all 224 homes and ensure a state of good repair for decades to come,” said Deputy Mayor of Housing, Economic Development, and Workforce Maria Torres-Springer. “Our administration is delivering long-overdue renovations to NYCHA campuses across the five boroughs, while guaranteeing that developments remain public, and residents are always prioritized. Many thanks to NYCHA tenant leadership who led the way in choosing a development partner and will guide the delivery of construction.” 

"The goal of the PACT program is to improve the quality of life for each and every resident at a PACT-converted development,” said NYCHA Chief Executive Officer Lisa Bova-Hiatt. “Campos Plaza II is home to nearly 500 residents, and every one of these individuals will be receiving the highest quality renovations and property management from the PACT partner team – the team that they helped to select.”   

"Residents at Campos Plaza II know their development’s needs better than anyone else and have identified the PACT program and this partner team as the best opportunity to address those needs,” said NYCHA Executive Vice President for Real Estate Development Jonathan Gouveia. “We are excited to announce this new partnership alongside our residents and to see a reunification across the Campos Plaza I and II communities.”  

“Although Campos Plaza II is not as old as many other NYCHA developments, having opened to its first families only about 41 years ago, our residents have nonetheless seen daily life in our development rapidly decline. Our residents have suffered the impacts of underinvestment, deferred maintenance, and ineffective patch-ups for our buildings’ significant infrastructural problems. These became even more apparent after our buildings flooded during Hurricane Sandy,” said the Campos Plaza II Resident Association Board. “We carefully considered the PACT program as a possible solution and a chance to get much-needed repairs and renovations to improve our quality of life. In 2021, we launched a development-wide resident survey — overseen by independent third parties — to decide whether to enter the program. Campos Plaza II residents chose PACT. Thereafter we formed a Resident Review Committee composed of our resident association board members and residents to assist in our selection of our PACT partner team. After careful review of various development teams’ proposals, we are excited to move forward in working with BFC Partners, L+M Development Partners, and Type A Projects. Through PACT, we are united in our struggle for a better future, not only for current NYCHA residents, but for our Campos Plaza II families and future generations to come.” 

“This latest designation ensures that the residents of Campos Plaza II will soon benefit from critical apartment renovations and building-wide repairs, along with access to new social services and job opportunities,” said New York City Housing Development Corporation President Eric Enderlin. “Congratulations to the selected development team. We look forward to continuing our partnership under the PACT program to bring positive transformation to New York City’s public housing stock.” 

"We are grateful for the privilege to be a NYCHA PACT partner for Campos Plaza II in the East Village,” said BFC Partners Principal Joseph Ferrara. “We are proud to continue our work in this neighborhood and are committed to ensuring that all apartments, as well as the surrounding site and grounds, receive top-quality repairs and upgrades.” 

“We’re proud to build on our strong track record of partnering with NYCHA and resident leaders to improve the lives of NYCHA residents, both in the East Village and across the city,” said L+M Development Partners CEO Lisa Gomez. “We’ve seen firsthand through our work with NYCHA the profound impact that PACT projects have and thank our public and private partners for their commitment as we reach this milestone. We’re ready to engage with Campos Plaza II residents as we begin work and are eager to get started.” 

"Collaborating with the residents of Campos Plaza II in the rehabilitation of their homes and campus is of critical importance to Type A Projects and the entire Campos Plaza II partner team,” said Type A Projects Principal Annie Tirschwell. "From apartment renovations to open space planning to common area modernizations, we eagerly look forward to working hand-in-hand with residents to ensure that the design process is collaborative and aspirational."  

Campos Plaza II residents will continue working with the PACT partner team to develop a comprehensive rehabilitation plan for their community, and expected improvements include heating, electric, and water service upgrades; new kitchens, bathrooms, doors, and windows; enhanced security through cameras, lighting, and sitewide fencing installations; new laundry and recycling rooms; and a renovated community center and playground. The partner team will ensure regular communication with residents, resident job training and hiring opportunities, responsive repair teams, and consistent pest and waste management. 

For the last 35 years, BFC Partners Development LLC has specialized in the acquisition, development, financing, construction, and marketing of housing and mixed-use projects with experience including more than 11,400 housing units and the substantial rehabilitation of more than 5,100 units across the five boroughs. L+M Development Partners has had a hand in the successful PACT conversions of over 3,500 NYCHA apartments throughout Manhattan, the Bronx, and Brooklyn. BFC and L+M were both instrumental parts of the partner team responsible for the 2015 PACT renovation of Campos Plaza I. Type A Projects has decades of experience in developing hundreds of affordable housing units, as well as 1,000,000 square feet of public schools and a host of social services and non-profit facilities. C+C Apartment Management LLC provides a proactive and customer service-style approach to property management. 

The PACT partner designation for Campos Plaza II is part of Mayor Adams’ “24 in 24” initiative to leverage public land to advance 24 affordable housing projects in 2024, announced in his State of the City address.  

The PACT program transitions developments from traditional public housing assistance to the more stable, federally funded Project-Based Section 8 program — unlocking funding for designated PACT partners to complete comprehensive repairs. Overall, 138 NYCHA developments (representing over 37,000 apartments) are in pre-development, are under construction, or have completed construction through the program. The Authority is on track to include 62,000 apartments in the PACT program in order to bring the benefits of comprehensive apartment repairs and building upgrades, as well as enhanced property management and social services, to more than 142,000 residents. The New York City Housing Development Corporation (HDC), New York City’s municipal Housing Finance Agency, is the key financing partner for PACT. In addition to providing or arranging the financing, HDC provides ongoing asset management and compliance support for PACT transactions.