Eviction Prevention Training

The Eviction Prevention Training is a requirement for developers/sponsors and managing agents/property managers closing on HDC or HPD financing. The Eviction Prevention Training is intended to help the City of New York and its partners prevent evictions in its affordable housing stock by sharing resources and best practices to keep tenants stably housed.

Below is a brief training video for developers and managing agents that covers:

  • The consequences of evictions,
  • Strategies to prevent evictions,
  • And an overview of eviction prevention resources, which are also linked below.

If an individual is completing the training on behalf of a developer/sponsor or managing agent/property manager entity, that person must attest they are in a position to direct or control the evictions process and will be required to certify their status with relation to evictions.

After completing the training, please click the link directly below the video and complete the form in order to receive your training certificate, which will be valid for three (3) years.


Eviction Prevention Resources

Tenant Resources

  • The NYC Mayor’s Office to Protect Tenants (MOPT) is a core part of the City's strategy to confront the affordable housing crisis. MOPT works across City agencies to make existing anti-harassment and anti-displacement programs better and create new strategies to root out abuse.
  • The NYC Eviction Prevention Brochure, developed in partnership with HPD, NYCHA, HDC, HRA, MOPT, and the Office of Civil Justice, is available in 10 languages, provides information and a list of key eviction prevention resources.
  • 311 Tenant Helpline: Access all tenant-related resources by calling 311 and asking for the “Tenant Helpline” or filling out the MOPT's Contact Us form.


If you have tenants with a Section 8 Voucher


If you have tenants with a rent subsidy who are struggling to pay their rent contribution

  • Tenants participating in the CityFHEPS program who have experienced income loss can submit a request to modify their tenant contribution by email. The request form can be found in several languages on HRA’s CityFHEPS Documents webpage.
  • More information on HRA's Emergency Rental Assistance Grants (One-Shot Deals)
  • Tenants can apply for rental assistance by visiting the Access NYC website or with the Access HRA smartphone app or calling 311 and asking for “Homebase,” or using the Homebase locator to call the nearest office.
  • Tenants can apply for the NYC Rent Freeze Program (i.e., Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption and Disability Rent Increase Exemption) by calling 311 and asking for “Rent Freeze Program.”
  • Tenants can access the City’s Tenant Resource Portal.


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