Marketing Guidelines

Marketing Guidelines

Developers using HDC-financing to construct affordable housing are required to adhere to the marketing and tenant selection policies and procedures.  HDC Marketing Guidelines provide developers and designated managing agents with useful information and direction for preparing its marketing plan and developing procedures consistent with HDC's policy objectives.

The primary objective of the marketing and rent-up effort for the units is to achieve age, ethnic and geographic diversity of tenants, including those with mobility , visual or hearing impairments that require an adaptable/accessible apartment.  Outreach efforts utilized by the owner will be a critical tool in the development of a diverse applicant pool and tenancy.

HDC's guidelines are consistent with laws governing Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity and the owner needs to be aware of its responsibilities to comply with all such requirements and the requirements of any other governmental agency.

Marketing Guidelines (Updated March 2012)

List of Attachments

A-1. Site Sign Request Form
A-2. Web Site Posting Form

B. Marketing Plan Summary Sheet

C. Notice of Intent to Begin Marketing

D. Community Contact Letters

E. Outline for Management Plan

F-1. Advertisement Instructions
F-2. Sample Advertisement
F-3. Routing Slip of Advertisement Approvals
F-4. Evidence of AFHM

G-1. Application


H-1-A. Sample Interview Letter and Document List


H-1-B. Sample Interview Confirmation Letter


H-2. Sample Ineligibility Letter


H-3. Sample Approval Letter


H-4. Sample Rejection Letter


H-5. Sample Low Priority Letter


H-6. Sample Wait List Letter


H-7. Sample Appeal Rejection Letter


I. Sample Unemployment Affidavit

J-1. Log Sheet Sample (Rental)
J-2. Log Sheet Sample (Home) 

K. Notice of Remarketing

L-1. Checklist for Income Certification
L-2. TIC Submission Cover Letter
L-3. TIC (Low Income)
L-4. TIC (Middle Income)


N. Pre-lease Acknowledgement

O. HDC Lease Rider (Low Income)

P. HDC Lease Rider (Middle Income)

Q. Reaffirmation of Income

R-1. IRS Form 4506-T (DOI/HDC)
R-2. IRS Form 4506-T (DOI/HPD)
R-3. IRS Form 4506-T (Agent)
R-4. IRS 4506(DOI/HDC)
R-4. IRS 4506 (DOI/HPD)
R-5. NYS DTF-505 Form (DOI/HDC)
R-5. NYS DTF-505 Form (DOI/HPD)
R-6. Authorization to Release Information
R-7. Broker/Third Party Certification (Low Income) 
R-8. Broker/Third Party Certification (Middle Income) 

S. List of Agencies Eligible for Municipal Preference 

T. Asset Certification

U. Unit Distribution Chart

V-1. Certification for Deep Rent Skewed Projects
V-2. Certification for Mixed Income/”Non-Deep Rent Skewed” Projects 

W. Owner Certification of Initial Move-In

X. Unit Inspection Form

Y-1. Quarterly Vacancy Report Instructions
Y-2. Quarterly Unit Vacancy Report

Z-1. Employment Verification Form
Z-2. Household Student Status Affidavit at Recertification